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Love is - 2016

Love is - 2016

Alex barattini ft Dr Feelx

Come up from the darkness

Come up from the darkness

David K & Francesco Farfa ft DR Felix

Big Bang

Big Bang

Dr.Feelx & Dany Ortega

Coming soon

Love is | Dr. Feelx & Alex Barattini


Video clip of the single "LOVE IS" ...by Dr Feelx and Alex Barattini.. Directed by Anthony Louis & Paolo Gonella for - www.milkrec.com Extra Special Thanks To God For All. | To Our Team .. Feel Reel Records and Productions.. | To Ambra Betty... & team...Miss Mary Dispenza.... | The Total Video Production team.... | Mrs Barbara Rhoner & Magna Pars Suites & Hotels Milan...!! | Lots of Love To All Those Who Took Part In This Progect | like .. Angelo Loius & Angela... | Paskal and My personal team Lele & Mary Yo !! I love You All Yo.... dr feelx.

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Rotimi Imevbore Mike Felix (aka Dr.Feelx - DFX) is an artist known worldwide for his long career as a DJ, vocalist, singer, rapper, actor, producer, musician, presenter and showman.

Dr.Feelx was born in Lagos (Nigeria) on 21 November 1960; son of a former diplomat of the FAO (Food And Agricultural Organization) of the United Nations, he moved to Rome with his family at a very young age, and although having Italy as a base he has traveled around the world for the sake of his father's work. After practicing his studies in various parts of the world (USA, UK, ASIA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE), he graduated in Economics and Commerce at John Cabot University in Rome.




Party People Movement

The Party People Movement (PPM) is a universal movement, which communicates through music, art understood worldwide .., created to bring people together into one big family in the name of brotherhood, respect, freedom and peace. ..A movement for people who love music, themselves and the other people, and in which people can freely express themselves and create a large community of harmony and universal love.

Feel Reel Records

The Feel Reel Records is a label of DR.FEELX properties established in 2002 which mainly produces house music tracks for its productions and those of other artists


Great project and long-standing collaboration with the Maestro and great friend Stefano Di Carlo, called 'Free Zone', with whom Dr.Feelx produces since many years a lot of his songs



Be Believers is a charity association created by DR.Feelx in collaboration with his brother Larry, an association founded with humanitarian and charitable purposes.


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