Rotimi Imevbore Mike Felix (aka Dr.Feelx - DFX) is an artist known worldwide for his long career as a DJ, vocalist, singer, rapper, actor, producer, musician, presenter and showman.

Dr.Feelx was born in Lagos (Nigeria) on 21 November 1960; son of a former diplomat of the FAO (Food And Agricultural Organization) of the United Nations, he moved to Rome with his family at a very young age, and although having Italy as a base he has traveled around the world for the sake of his father's work. After practicing his studies in various parts of the world (USA, UK, ASIA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE), he graduated in Economics and Commerce at John Cabot University in Rome.
He has collaborated with artists such as Mike Francis, Amy Stewart, Afrika Bambaataa, Claudio Simonetti (with whom he created the rap version of "Profondo Rosso"), Frankie Knuckles, Sammy Barbot, Orlando Johnson, Marco Trani, Patty Johnson, Kenny Carpenter, Wess Johnson and Jovanotti, to name just a few names in the music industry only..

To take a little break from the books and studies he begins his long career in show business as a stuntman in three films, and then devoted himself to the love of his life, music, debuting in 1987 under the name of Dr. Felix; his first single is the remake in rap version of the song "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson, his great myth, followed by "Self Control Rap", "Party Time," "Coming back" and the worldwide hit "Relax your Body" .
In 1989 he released his first LP, entitled "Different Style", consisting of 8 tracks, one of which dedicated to Louis Armstrong, creating a remake of "What a wonderful world" in reggae version, played in the B side of the international hit "Relax Your Body" remixed by the creator of the "Salsa house music": DJ Richie Rich. Subsequently he choose the deejays Franco Moiraghi and Stefano Secchi for the remix of "Peace in Africa" “Get Down To This”, “Deep Love”, "R.O.B.E.R.T.A." ​and "Ghetto House" and in 1991, under the pseudonym of D.F.X, he released his second LP "Vogue with the Cat" (inspired by Mr. Malcolm McLaren), a new musical adventure that Dr.Feelx undertakes and that will take him around the world.

Successively for four and a half years he works as the official vocalist of the club "The Prince Pleasure Club" of Riccione and with his show "The Dr. Felix Show" he performs in clubs and theaters all over the world singing, playing the sax and various types of percussions, creating a unique and stunning show.
In the 90 's he worked in "Radio Dimensione Suono" as conductor of several programs and became producer of many artists including Gem, whose songs "Yo Te Siento Asi", "I Feel You Tonight" and "Quiero Volar" became hits worldwide. Dr.Feelx also produced "The Ten Commandments" and "Hold Your Hands"; It produces, arranges and writes to Lady Gee with the songs "The Game is over" and "Feel sexy tonight" that lead him around the world , coming to win at Acapulco Film Festival the first place ranking DANCE, competing with artists as the Spice Girls, Julio Iglesias, Jon Secada, Ricky Martin and many others.

Without abandoning his music he devotes himself back, as he did while attending the American Overseas School Of Rome, to his favorite sport: basketball, and wins the MVP (Most Valuable Player) and All Conference awards. His experience as a producer began in England in the ' 70s/' 80s attending artists and personalities of the showbiz like Duran Duran, Boy George, A Flock of Seagulls, Heaven 17 and many others. In 1998 he created and produced the song "Ca $ h" remixing the song "Cherish" of "Kool & The Gang" , "The Good Omen" with "Time Records Group" on label "Downtown", "Everybody come on and Dance" with "Media Records" under the license of "Signal Records" in collaboration with DJ Luca Lauri. Follow other productions: "Making Love" realized with the group "Instyle", "In my Mind" (written and performed by Dr. Feelx), "Giddy up a Gogo", "A Night to Remember", a hit Shalamar created in cooperation with his brother "Tin Tin" and "Manumission is my Passion" produced with Dj Molella on label DIY, song that Dr.Feelx has dedicated to his great friends Claire and Mike, the creators of "Manumission Ibiza ".

Always in the 90 's, Dr. Feelx participates in several film productions including the film "Hudson Halk" with Bruce Willis and cures the soundtrack of the movie "Quando eravamo repressi" played by Alessandro Gassman and Lucrezia Lante Della Rovere in collaboration with his great friend Sergio Cammariere. He also starred in the movie "In Principio erano le mutande" with Stefania Rocca. He has also been the testimonial for famous brands of clothing, cosmetics, accessories and so on.

In the years 2000 he changes his name from Dr. Felix to Dr.Feelx, in reference to the English word "feel", reported in all its nuances.

He grows collaborations with artists such as Stefano Di Carlo, Luca Cucchetti, Andy Pandy, Mauro The Bassman with whom he produces many dance, house and reggae songs as "I don't Care", "Power of love", "Get On Up", "D * Voice", "Oohh Baby" featuring Debbie Dee, "Happy World Sound for Happy People" and "Movida" released on the "Fresca Records" label. He creates a remix of the song "Relax your body 2002" in 8 versions and creates among other things the remix of Billie Joel's hit "Just the Way You Are" sung also by Barry White. The song, released only in America, is presented by Dr. Feelx using underground and house sounds. Towards the end of 2001 Dr.Feelx produces in Modena with the "Dr.Feelx Family" the song "Dr.Feelx & The Peace Family", dedicated to the victims of the massacre in New York.

Together with Dj Mbg he realises the hit "Take a Walk on House Side" on the label of Joe T. Vannelli "Dream Beats", which is then distributed in the UK by the label "Kicking Records" of SLIP & SLIDE. This song is included in the "Supalova Compilation" and "Mix Mag Compilation" distributed worldwide, compilations to which is added another production of Dr.Feelx, "Fuckin 'Freak", a house tribal song created in collaboration with the Djs Kim and Mc Pady and distributed by the label "Clubbin" of the J.T. Company.

In 2002 Dr. Feelx begins to work on the creation of his own record label, "FEEL REEL RECORDS", while continuing to produce in the recording studio songs like "Can U Feel It" in collaboration with IN-STYLE, "Kera", "Believe Me" along with the great keyboardist Toso John and "The Jungle" with the great friend and dj Ricky Montanari.

Always with the contribution of Toso J. Dr. Feelx publishes the first track of his label "Feel Reel Records": "Can't U See, U Still Love Me", producing Sharon D. Cole, followed by the tracks "Believe in Me" and "Make this World a Better Place".
Towards the end of 2002 he creates the remake of one of his other great idol, Bob Marley, the "reggae house" version of the song "WAR" in collaboration with OLIVER 2WIST, musician and former guitarist and keyboardist of J.T. Company.

In February 2003 Dr.Feelx participated in the making of the film "Coral Bay", shot in Sharm El Sheik on the Red Sea in Egypt, a production E.P. Productions. In 2004 he produces the remixes of his famous hit "Relax Your Body" in collaboration with Ricky Montanari, Luca Cucchetti, Francesco Zappala, BiMas Jr & LM, Marco Casale, Emiliano Raso, Gianni Parrini, Sergio Matina and DJ Janet, produced by Feel Reel Records.
Always with his label Dr. Feelx produces also music of Electro-House genre, creating the compilations "Feel Da House" 1 & 2, distributed by Self Distribution in collaboration with the dj and musician DJ Squeeze; a total of 23 tracks of new concept in UnMixed version. Together with Djs Marco Casale and Emiliano Satin he realizes the remix in 6 versions of the song "The Game is Over" by Lady G and the unreleased tracks "I want your sex" and "The Beat".
In 2008 he recorded in collaboration with Cristian Marchi the worldwide hit "Love Sex American Express." In 2009 the big project "FREE ZONE" was born in collaboration with the great friend and Maestro Stefano Di Carlo, musician, record producer and composer, boasting artistic collaborations of the highest level and with whom Dr.Feelx began producing in 1986; "FREE ZONE" has led to the creation of many songs in the past and continues today in the production of new tracks.
Always In the year 2009 Dr. Feelx creates in honor of Barack Obama the song "YES WE CAN" realized in many versions, including one dedicated also to Martin Luther King.

In 2011 Dr. Felix begins to occur independently, selecting young producers with whom he collaborates to the realization of a major project, "SUPER SEXY MEGA STAR", a song of which are produced as many as 14 versions on two albums distributed on all major digital portals from the most prestigious label in the industry, the "ONLY THE BEST RECORD". The production has enjoyed so much success to stay for more than 2 months among the 10 best-selling songs of the electronic genre on iTunes, reaching and remaining at the top spot of the chart for several weeks. In November of that year he also released the digital version of the song, always in 14 versions, on CD distribution on Self , reaching the same success obtained previously in digital stores sales. In December, Dr. Feelx realizes the song "Feel Free" on label SMILAX.

On February 6, 2012, on the anniversary of the birthday of Bob Marley, singer beloved by Dr. Feelx, is realized the great project of the remake in 9 versions of the legendary song "Redemption Song", in collaboration with the label "ONLY THE BEST RECORD", culminating with the creation of the song's music video. Numerous remakes produced over the years, from "Love Shine" to "The Love I Got", remix of the song by Jovanotti "Tutto l'amore che ho" realised ​​with Samuele Sartini and Stefano Di Carlo. In his next album in 2010, "Dancin '& Movin'", Dr.Feelx includes other covers, remixes of the songs "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" (famous song by Otis Redding revived by Dr.Feelx in collaboration with DJ Soul for the foreign market), "Waka Waka" and "Parole Parole".

Many productions followed over the years; a project particularly beloved and dear to Dr. Feelx was released in 2013 in collaboration with Federico L'Olandese Volante: "Diamoci del tu", a song dedicated to His Holiness Pope Francis.
Thanks to his deep, sensual and hypnotic voice Dr. Feelx worked in countless radios, from Radio 105 Classic to Radio R101, (where he led "Disco 101" and "Black Notes" programs aired on weekends where Dr.Feelx proposed a choice of soul, funk, rap, disco and house music songs from around the world), Radio Dimensione Suono, Radio Studio Più, Radio Jolly, Radio Città Futura, Radio Calabria, Radio Centro Suono, Radio Planet, Radio Deejay, Ibiza Radio, Hit Channel Satelite TV & Radio Network and for many Internet radios including Dixieland Radio and, radio broadcasting from Lagos in Nigeria and Dubai. His voice was also used for the creation of several commercials and radio jingles.

In television and cinema he has collaborated with many artists including Raffaella Carrà, Pippo Baudo, Lino Banfi, Christian De Sica, Ruth Gabriell, Richard Roundtree, Paolo Bonolis, David Soul, Franco Nero, Imanol Arias and Piero Chiambretti in his shows "Markette" and "Chiambretti Night". He has collaborated over the years with numerous music magazines, to name one: "Jocks Mag", by Gianni Naso and Renzo Arbore.
Dr. Feelx is also a complete musician, capable of playing a variety of instruments including drums, piano, sax, percussion, flute and harmonica, which often he uses in his musical productions for his label "Feel Reel Records" and in collaboration with other record companies.

Recently he starred in a co-starring role with John Savage, Blanca Blanco and Bret Roberts in the movie "Teen Star Academy", international production to be released in 2016 and which will be presented to the "Marché du Festival de Cannes";
Dr. Feelx also worked on the soundtrack of the movie. In preparation also a sequel. Dr. Feelx is currently also following the preparation of his biography which will be published in the book "Me, Myself & I", in which he recounts his experiences of life, his career and especially of his intimate life choice, born many years ago after a spiritual encounter with the Lord, which is to bring, traveling anywhere and everywhere, the message of God through himself, his voice and music, art that unites all peoples of the world.